Testimonials 2024


“As a former teacher, finding the right preschool for my 4 children was a huge priority. Of course academics and school readiness were important, but I was looking for an extension of community and family for my littles and that's exactly what I found in LCNS. The warmth, love and sense of belonging you feel walking through the halls at LCNS are unmatched and the teachers dedication, joy and pride in their jobs is obvious. Each of my very different children have thrived academically and socially here! I cannot recommend LCNS highly enough... it is simply the best preschool around!”
Courtney, Lincolnshire

“LCNS was recommended to us by numerous neighbors when we moved to the area, and upon touring and meeting Katie (Director), we instantly felt at home and it was apparent that our son did, too! The On My Own class was a fantastic introduction to a classroom setting while still allowing him to be a two year old. The play-based learning and focus on spending time enjoying the beautiful outdoor setting really made it a good fit. Not only has our son made great friends through LCNS, but so have my husband and I. We can't wait for our younger daughter to start in the fall!”
Annalise, Lincolnshire

“My daughter started out in LCNS's On My Own program mid-year. We were new to the area and didn't know many people. Right away, the teachers made her feel very welcome and comfortable in class. She immediately fell in love with the school, which made the transition so much easier for everyone. Since then, she’s grown in so many ways both academically but also socially; learning things like taking turns and sharing. She is now in the 3s program this year and is thrilled to be with her school friends again. She's also attending the Eagles enrichment program on Friday, which has certainly become a popular program at LCNS. Next year we enroll her for the new Book Club as well.
My son has also started at LCNS in the Parent and Tot program, which we both love. It's a wonderful opportunity to meet other moms or caregivers. Plus, it's great exposure and preparation for my son.

For me, LCNS has provided a wonderful place for my children to grow and for us to meet other families. This was so important when we were new to the area and didn't know anyone. LCNS welcomes us with open arms and we have felt right at home ever since!”
Jennifer, Deerfield

“My husband and I chose LCNS over the other programs in the area because we felt that it provided the best education, support, and environment for our children. It also provided a sense of community and we wanted to be involved in our children's education. Our daughter has been in the program for over two years now and loves being in school, learns, and always tells me what she did that day, what she ate for "snack," if she had a job for the day, and who she played with She loves being in LCNS's new enrichment program, the Book Club, and enjoys eating lunch with her classmates. It is always a disappointment to her when there is no school. My son has just started and I look forward to him growing in the program. LCNS is a farther drive for us and we could have chosen a program closer, but we felt that this was a right fit for our children. Thank you LCNS for letting our children grow and learn!“
Ewa & Patty Tam, Buffalo Grove

“The teachers at LCNS are outstanding! They are what you envision a preschool teacher to be: warm, caring, personable, patient and knowledgeable. The teachers connect with the children, even the very young ones. It's almost like they see the world through the children's eyes. From the moment your child enters the class room, a teacher will welcome them and make sure they engaged. They truly have your child's best interest at heart and will help foster a love of learning. I selected LCNS for my children because of their philosophy of learning through play. They understand the balance of social growth and academic growth. The school creates an environment that is warm and inviting for the kids and because of that, the children want to participate, learn and excel. LCNS starts the love of learning -- showing children that you can learn through any and every activity.“
K.W., Lincolnshire

“The teachers at LCNS are kind, enthusiastic and knowledgeable. The teachers really get to know each child and care about them. My family is grateful for all the special times our children experienced with their teachers and friends at LCNS. Some of the strengths of the 3's program include fostering a lifelong love of learning, developing a group of friends and providing opportunities forthe children to be independent. Many years later, we still cherish the special events (Fall Fest, Music Program Dad's Day and Mom's Day) we experienced with our children, our children's art projects and our LCNS friends.”
Parent from Vernon Hills

“I knew from the moment I came for my tour with Amy (Morrissey) that she would be great for us. She has such a welcoming way about her as well as explaining the LCNS experience and what our children would be doing there. Our children had a wonderful experience at LCNS and the kids and parents that we met there are still very much part of our lives today. The teachers that our children had at LCNS really cared about the children and enjoyed teaching pre-school. This was very evident in the day-to-day activities that the kids experienced.”
Lincolnshire parent of LCNS alumni

"My kids and I loved LCNS. I found a true sense of community there and my kids discovered the joy of going to school and meeting new friends.”
Lincolnshire parent of LCNS alumni"

“I have had 2 children who have gone through LCNS, both with very different needs. LCNS was able to accommodate both of them beautifully. Children start off in the On My Own and there they are learning the basics of how to transition and get used to the daily routine. Yet by the time they complete PreK, they are avid, curious learners who have made awesome connections with their peers and are ready for the challenges that the rigorous elementary schools in the area have in store for them. The thing I love about LCNS is that really believe in the potential of each child. They explore various advanced topics (outer space, matter, the human body, nutrition, cultural holidays, fairy tales, animal habitats) but they will always connect them to concepts that they need to learn (counting, fine & gross motor skills, imaginative play, cooperative play, etc). Children learn to negotiate the world around them in an environment that is safe and inviting. I will miss LCNS and I could not have asked for a better preschool education for my children.”
Lake Forest parent of LCNS alumni